Dependable Service, All Day, Every Day! 

Otrac helps you keep your machine in top operating condition, with more than 25 OTRAC Workshops across Egypt, with the most experienced service technicians in the industry.

Technical Service Support

Our team of technicians, who have field experience are here to answer any question that you have and provide the technical documentation you need.Contact our technicians for all the details you need.


We at Otrac are very proud of our aftermarket services section.Our relationship with you does not end once you have purchased your products.We strive to ensure you the best and most trustworthy product support and technical services possible.Through our parts, technical and warranty services.



Otrac provides one of the most comprehensive warranty packages in the industry. It is our goal to offer quality products that give you the power and performance you need. The failure must occur within Otrac’s specified warranty period for a particular machine. Applicable policies are determined by the unit model and serial code. See product warranty brochure for details, including extended warranty policies and how to meet the requirements.


In the unlikely event that your machine stops working, OTRAC offer’s on-site maintenance and repairs to your Heavy Equipment.

With our numerous offices and maintenance fleet, we can go to wherever you are in Egypt and fix your problem.

Protect yourself from unplanned failures by relying on our skilled technicians and genuine parts.

We also provide maintenance services at our Head Quarters.



We provide training programs from the beginner level to the expert level of field technician.

Our training is hands-on, and involves appropriate use of our products and their attachments.

Problems are discussed and then demonstrated with the equipment.

Otrac Heavy Equipment ensures that the training will guarantee you are equipped with the correct knowledge and skills to use the Heavy Equipment in accordance to safety standards.

Additionally, we offer special customized training programs for our customers to help them use and maintain their purchased products conditions for a longer lifetime.