T36120SL, Compact, simpler….better! • True compact telescopic handler • Top-level performance • Operator friendly • New spacious and ergonomic cab • Hydrostatic transmission – power, precision and smooth engagement The T36120SL is a 12 m compact telescopic handler incorporating both stabilisers and the frame-levelling system. SIMPLICITY An easy-to-use machine means better performance, higher productivity and, ultimately, safer operation. The T36120SL model features the latest in this field with the implementation of a wide range of features.
• OPERATOR-FRIENDLY CONTROLS • VISIBILITY • FNR CONTROL ON JOYSTICK • COMFORT CONFIDENCE The new T36120SL provides a new level of confidence…confidence in the machine, in its performance and safety, and in its robustness. This is achieved by applying the rigorous Bobcat development standards across all functions on this new model. • IMPLEMENTING BOBCAT STANDARDS • ACTIVE DIAGNOSTICS • BOOM & FRAME DESIGN PERFORMANCE A true compact middle lift model, the T36120SL delivers outstanding performance in the class of Telescopic Handlers. • LOAD CHART • COMPACTNESS • FRAME LEVELLING

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